Resistor is a platform independant GUI for converting resistor color codes to values and vice-versa. It's written in C++ using the QT widget set. I plan to update this page soon, but for now this will have to do. On the sourceforge page you'll find source and binaries for Linux and Windows. It is possible to build executables for other Unixes and Mac OSX (not tested).

Code is available for download at my sourceforge project page.

You need the QT libraries version 3 or higher to run resistor. If you have KDE 3 you should be all set. Otherwise you can download the code from Trolltech and build the library. I've uploaded a Linux binary which works on RedHat 7.2 and a Windows binary. You can download both on the sourceforge project page. The Windows version requires the Microsoft C and C++ runtime libraries (msvcp70.dll and MSVCR70.DLL). These files can be downloaded from the sourceforge page in the file if desired. Alternativley the file contains everything necessary for a Windows installation (the main executable, the C/C++ runtime libraries and the QT libraries). If you're not sure what to download and you have a Windows machine download


Please email me with any problems or questions at